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Rural Outreach Africa was registered as Rural Outreach Program (ROP) in 1992 as a non-profit organization. Its main objective was to undertake development activities aimed at improving the livelihoods of the rural poor in Kenya, of whom over 55 per cent live below the poverty line. For the past 13 years, ROP, a grassroots based development organization, has initiated extensive socio-economic activities aimed at poverty reduction. The activities of the organization have since expanded to include fostering literacy, physical and mental health. It also provides a holistic socio-economic experience that empowers people to fend for themselves.

Mission Statement

The program exists to build on local strengths and mobilizes resources to empower rural communities for the realization of good health, improved family income, environmental protection, and enhanced literacy levels in an equitable, just, sustainable and gender sensitive manner.


Rural Outreach Africa strives to create a healthy rural community able to live and enjoy an active dignified life, and to access and utilize both internal and external resources to the full, and willing to contribute fully to the development of families, communities, and the nation while upholding respect for others.




Income (2008-2014) - KES
Individuals 430,000
Companies 36,674,728
Total Income 37,104,728

Expenditure (2008-2014) - KES
Project costs 20,956,608
Administrative costs 8,197,101
Travel and transport 6,083,500
Training costs 1,867,519
Total Expenditures 37,104,728