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Become a Research Partner & help us avail research capacity to those who need it most!

ROA was set up to do research and offer support to researchers, in addition to carrying out intervention projects. ROA has a vibrant network of farmer groups, government agencies, scientists and others doing various food security and nutrition activities in the field in western Kenya, and researchers can link to this network.

The organization’s work is also linked to AJFAND (African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development) started in the year 2001 by Prof Ruth Oniang’o, also founder of ROA, to provide an avenue of sharing scientific findings, and a mentoring platform for young African scholars and others interested in Africa’s food and nutrition issues. Prof Oniang’o is the Editor-in-Chief; the journal is Open Access and reaches the whole globe.

Get in touch and help alleviate poverty, empower economic growth and restore human dignity in rural Africa

Become a Volunteer!

ROA hosts students and researchers from local (Kenyan) universities, and internationally from Europe and the USA, who are attached to us for a number of months for field experience required for graduation, and/or to gather data for a project. They are assisted by our able field staff to collect data and other research fieldwork. They are mentored by Prof Ruth Oniang’o who acts as their resident supervisor and guide. The students’ work is then published in AJFAND and other publications. So far, ROA has mentored 42 interns: 19 male and 23 female, from Kenya and abroad.


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